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August 13, 2013
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Vincent Alexander Michaelangelo D'Amore Palladino by funCatty Vincent Alexander Michaelangelo D'Amore Palladino by funCatty
Name: Vincent Alexander Michaelangelo D'Amore Palladino
Nicknames: Vin, Vinny, Vinye, Vinnie, Vivi, Birdie, ALittle_Birdie
Age: 19/20
Date Of Birth: May 6
Gender: Male
Weight: 123 lbs (As human AND as feral)
Height: 6'3 (HUMAN)
Height: 3'3 (Main Feral)
Race/Ethnicity: European
Place of Birth: Cologne, Germany
Orientation: Gay
Lover: Gilbert Lebeau Petit Chevalier
Religious Views: Atheist
Family: Klyde (Older Brother), Antonette (Twin Sister) and Barron (Little Brother)
Sin Place: Lucifer - Pride

Vincent is a quiet, serious, intelligent, and romantic guy who loves Gilbert. He is quite blunt, overprotective, and obedient. He is a bit pessimistic, but if Gilbert is upset in any way, he will try his best to make him smile again by being silly or romantic. He has a butler-like personality as well. Vincent is also a very talented hacker and persuader. Vincent is a bit anti-social, but CAN get along with others. Vincent may seem a bit quiet and upset, but he is really kind, trusting, reliable, fearless, heroic, and thoughtful. He is unforgiving, holds grudges, and is revengeful when he needs to be. He is also quite prideful as well. Vincent is the dominant one a the relationship.

His Character:
Main Feral-
He is a Hellhound-Wolf mix that is dark brown in color with light brown marks and lava-like "ring/spike" designs. The lava marks usually glow. He is usually seen wearing a necklace that has a teal crystal gem (which represents his love, Gilbert) EXCEPT in his Dragon form (where the gem is a giant crystal that the dragon holds.)
Other Feral-
-Vincent is able to take the form of 3 different beasts and can be seen with 6 other fur coats.
-In his Phoenix form, Vincent is able to summon and control fire. In this form, his fur colors swap with the lava. His body of feathers becomes lava-like/fire-colored and he gets dark brown marks with light brown faded in.
In his Gryphon form, his fur design is the same but he takes the form of a Gryphon. In this form, he becomes incredibly strong. He is able to crush large objects, such as bolders, in a single stomp and he is able to lift up objects, such as buildings. His beak is incredibly sharp, like his talons, and both are capable of slicing though a rock like a knife on butter.
-In his Dragon form, Vincent's scales become gold. He still has parts of him that are dark/light brown, but has almost no lava coloring on him. He can still breath out fire AND, in this form, he is able to swim/withstand volcanic/core temperatures.
-Vincent's other fur coats are usually used during certain times. The red flame design is usually used when he is near volcanic activity; the blue flame design is usually used when he is near water/the ocean; the red and cream coat is usually for when he is in the forest or by a crater; the yellow/lightning design is usually used when he is out in a storm (in this form, he can control lightning); and both of his bird designs (which are the coats he usually uses other than the main) for when he is hacking or for fun.
-Although Vincent can change his coat, he mostly sticks with his brown fur with lava marks.
Vincent is a skinny adult with the semblance of a teenager. He has an emo/scene-like appearance. His hair is much like this:… and/or… . EXCEPT: His hair is dark dark brown with light brown highlights (same colors as his main feral form). The hair is spiked up in the back (teased) and his bangs go to the left and stop at his chin. His outfits are usually a harajuku-punk style (much like these… ) BUT are usually these colors: black, white, red, flame, blue, and grey. When he is casually dressed or bored, he usually just wears a black t-shirt (on top of a striped longsleeve sometimes), a tie (usually red), black skinny jeans, a belt, black shoes (sometimes with different color laces - whatever matches the shirt and tie), and bracelets or gloves (much like this… ). He has piercings like his main feral form as well. (He mostly wears snake bites and/or a nose ring.) He wears a bit of eyeliner.
Vincent can be seen as a human with parts from his main fursona and forms.
As a kemonomimi in his main feral form, he is usually seen with a black belt, dark brown shirt, and dark brown skinny jeans (or whatever he outfit wants to wear) with his main feral's lava markings. He has his feral's wolf ears and tail, as well.
As his Phoenix form, he is usually seen with a leather/latex outfit of some sort (or whatever outfit he wants to wear). When he dresses in leather, he usually dresses similar to Mello [from Death Note ]. He usually wears simple latex pants and a leather sleeveless top. BUT, he can also be seen dressed a bit more complex (much like this, but he would keep the hood/cloth to his side… ). Sometimes, he just dresses in a flame/fire-like outfit to match his Phoenix appendages. He has his Phoenix wings coming out of his back, sometimes has his tail, and almost rarely has feathers on his head.
As his Dragon form, he is usually seen with a yellow/gold tank top (with light brown marks, like his feral dragon form) and black/dark brown tripp shorts OR pants with gold chains and pants trimming (these are tripp shorts… and these are tripp pants… except his has more chains and zippers). He has his dark brown horns, longish gold ears (with light brown inner ear fur), sometimes his 2 long whiskers, and his golden tail with light brown tailtip spikes and dark brown fur tip (the appearance is much like these characters… ).
As his Gryphon form, he is usually seen with an outfit similar to his main feral form, EXCEPT he wears a jacket/hoodie and dark brown sweatpants, both with the markings. He is also seen with flying goggles (these… ) to protect his eyes because of the high speeds he can reach. He has his powerful wings, long ears, and long tail with their markings.
He doesn't have a kemonomimi form for his other fur coats/designs except for the 2 bird ones. He usually wears a t-shirt/longsleeve shirt and pants that match the markings of the birds. He has his wolf ears, tail, and wings (bird tail optional) with the birds markings. The top design is like a Blue Jay (… ) and the bottom design is like a mix of a Blue Jay, White-Breasted Nuthatch, and Mexican Jay (White-Breated Nuthatch… and Mexican Jay… ).
He sometimes wears makeup to match the markings of the forms faces.

Vincent- =funCatty
Orig Form Base- *Hlaorith
Phoenix Lineart- ~Skudde
Gryphon Lineart- ~TheFluffehGryphon
Dragon Lineart- ~Ember-Eyes
Forms Base- *Wyndbain
Mouth Base- =PreedexYoa
Ears Lineart- ~THE--bunny
Wings Lineart- *Anti-Dark-Heart
Eyes- MMD

+Can have black angel wings
+Weapon Choice: Gold Desert Eagle, Duel Knives, Knife, Sword, Flamethrower, Saiga-12 Semi-Automatic Shotgun, AK-47 Semi-Automatic Assault Rifle
+Has soft spot for animals
+His favorite color is red, but really likes the blend of red, orange, and yellow. (Like fire)
+Rarely ever seen with his hair unteased. But when his hair is down completely, his hair is as long as Gilbert's (Maybe even a bit longer).
+He can speak German, English, a little bit of Italian, a little bit of Japanese, and a little bit of French.
+Has a British/Australian accent (Due to parents. His mother is from Great Britain while his father is from Australia.)
+He comes from a very wealthy family.
+He LOVES to wear chains. Chain necklaces, pants chains, etc.

His Lover:

Seven Princes of Hell:
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Awesome reference! It looks great C: thanks for using my template 
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