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Make a Wish by funCatty Make a Wish by funCatty
I wish upon a falling star,
to be close and not too far.
To be just right where you are.

We still live under the same sky
Close your little frightened eyes
Do not cry, no 'good-byes'

Wish upon a falling star,
I'll be right where you are.
Very close and not too far.
I'll be right where you are.
So it's critique you want. I'LL GIVE YOU CRITIQUE maybe.
Okay, let me start~

I remember you telling me about this, and finally getting to see it is really cool. I love the idea of the little paper stars but I have seen them before so that's why you get the 4.5 stars on originality. Speaking of which, having the stars is the light bulb is a bit unique, especially having them scattered around as well~.

About the impact of this, there are a few things that bother juuust a little, but, hey, it's just me so I may be wrong. The angle of the picture seems like it doesn't belong, like maybe it could be tilted at a different angle to view the stars better.
The brightness of the picture isn't too high, it could be lighter and less red-tinted. Having more of the original picture's color would have also brought out the difference in color of the paper stars too!
The one thing that really irks me though is the color distribution of the stars. I'm probably the only one to notice this because I'm just so picky with things like this, but the stars on the surface to the left of the bottle are all brightly-colored, except for that single red star. There could have been a few darker stars on that side and maybe a lighter colored star on the right side. I don't know, it's just peculiar to me. The stars in the bottle are mixed together well, so that makes me happy.

As for the vision of this, again, there's the thing that's probably just me being picky, but I'll say it anyway. Having the stars on the ground ( well not groundground, but you get it ) is kind of ironic. I think having them in a hanging object OR the stars themselves hanging would be very cute and, dare I say, original? Meh, that's just me.

Otherwise, it's a great photograph, mmmmmkay? :3 I love the idea and the stars, it's amazing. c: Finished!
Suck it, 100 word minimum. u v u
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Submitted on
January 9, 2013
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