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Hi, I'm funCatty! Welcome to my page!

♚ funCatty - ♀ - No Religion - Betrothed ♚

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I'm a neko girl who loves to watch anime, play video games, draw, sing, take photos, write, and procrastinate! I'm a bit shy and a bit socially awkward but I do love making new friends! I rarely have a bad attitude and if I have one, I'm just a bit frustrated...(I get a mad and hurt a bit easily ;-; ) I have a bit of an english please bear with me! Don't be afraid to talk to me~
:heart:Happy Halloween 2/2 by funCatty:heart:

These people are really close to me

♚ crazyDoggy - Partner in Crime ♚


ツ Shaboopity...blazeitfagot シ
●ω● :iconfuncatty::iconcrazydoggy: ●ᅀ●

You have to be the craziest, funnest, most talented best friend I have ever had in my entire life. You are honestly the only person who knows my entire past and lived through it all with me for so so long. It's hilarious to think we met because you needed to borrow my sharpener and then you later asked about what I was making a powerpoint on in computer class... We have been through a lot of rough times together and had VERY FUCKING FEW FIGHTS, OH MY GOD. I really do want to thank you stood by my side through my depression over both liars and my other nonsense...and you even helped encourage Ichi to kiss me... I'm so thankful and honored to be your 'sparkly derpy kitty'...I really am. I'm so sorry that I had to move so far from you...We both know that my family was kicked out and we had to go elsewhere. I'm so sorry if I seem like I'm neglecting you or forgetting you...It's just difficult times because of how far I live and such. My excuses will forever be terrible and I'm so sorry for being a butt...I truely am...I hope you can forgive me... You are the breastest (not gonna fix it) friend I've ever had and I hope we will stay friends forever and ever c: have to be DEATH at my funeral e[] e! I love you with all my are more than just a little sister to me...and I will forever keep you dear to me...I promise. You may not by my first best friend...for I am from another country and had a few others...but you are the only one who stuck by my side and still speaks to me. You stayed by my side and I will forever stay by yours. Thank you for being my cooky derpy crazy puppy..♥


i will obv wreak havoc
anywho, you can delete this box butttt I'm just here to say that
you're awesome, catty <3 you're the bestest friend I've ever had, and I hope we'll be friends for years to come.
thank you for tolerating my nonsense and rude behavior |D let us go buy more piercings to obsess over. soon. DUNDUN jk i really just wanna see the HU-looking guy fack

wellllllll thanks for being my sparkly derpy kiiiitty. C:
love you kitterz!! ; U ;

- Your friendly neighborhood Doggy :blackrose:

Anyway - funCatty is honestly the best person you will ever meet. If you know her or consider yourself friends with her, don't ruin it or take it for granted. She doesn't stand for anybody's bs. She has the ability to brighten anyone's day or make anyone laugh in a matter of seconds. She has given me more meaning, morals, maturity, and motivation than any other person I've met.
I'm glad my 11-year-old tactics when we first met didn't drive us apart. I don't know how I would have lived without her ( her love OR her lectures ♥ ) And yes, her story below is true. We really did gain this friendship and this background and these memories from 1 pencil sharpener. If I didn't have such a shit pencil, or if I didn't have 7th period computer lit class with her the next year, or if I didn't have the curiosity to ask about her VOCALOID Photostory, what would have happened? I don't even want to know, haha. I'm just glad everything happened like this
Some of our greatest moments that I enjoy thinking back to ( in chronological order whoopaaah ) include: screaming "NO!! BAKA!!" at the cone in gym, sitting in your old-house-upstairs-room throwing water bottles at the ceiling fan, you saving me from a baby scorpion with an empty tic-tacs container, you spending the night at my house and sleeping in the living room in our swaggy chair-blanket-cushion fort, meeting matt and jarrod at the ditch when being filmed as ReTaRdEd NiNjA;
exploring the forest, hobo tunnel, other smaller hobo tunnel, dark forest, the forest past the dark forest by the shed that I thought was a Whataburger (omfg still crying to this day) and hearing the pedo ice cream truck; splashing around in medina lake with the turtles in the water, going to medina lake-puddle and splashing around in the mud,
laying down in the huge future-mama's-closet of your soon-to-be house and planning future sleepovers, meeting condiments guy many-a-time, doing random shit at Ingram, being rad together in general.

Julia mtherfking Parter In Crime


♚ funCattnip - My Knight in Shining Armor ♚


●д● :iconfuncattnip::iconfuncatty: ●ω●

We found each other when we thought our worlds were falling apart. Life was becoming difficult and hard to even carry on...and then we met. I met you at a convention on 3/23/13... At the con, I did my usual thing: hug several people...but with you it was different. When I first saw you, you had blonde hair with rainbow tips but you had a very bored and depressed look on your face as you handed out fliers. I felt bad for you. As my two friends were ready to leave the main room of the convention to other areas, I began to freak out a little...I wanted to hug you but for some reason, for the first time at a con, I became very very nervous. As my friends headed out the door, I followed behind them, stopped in my tracks, and then built enough courage to turn around and hug you from behind as you sat. For the entire con, I would leave with my friends to different areas and then hug you every time I saw you. I shook from nervousness as I hugged you, but I felt butterflies in my stomach while I did it. At one point, my friend's decided to rest by the lake next to the convention. I told them that I wanted to explore...and when I left...I immediately started to head where you were at. When I got to the location, I found that you weren't there. I searched all around the convention and I couldn't find you...I felt a strange emptiness in my heart. After a long time of looking, I grew tired and gave up. I headed off to the videogame room to at least bring up my spirits a bit before I went off to see my friends again. After I played a few rounds on Super Smash Bros Brawl, I felt a strange presence behind me...I turned around before the next game, I saw you sitting right behind me. I let out a huge smile and held back my urge to tackle hug you. We talked about the game and had a few laughs about Olimar and such before I decided to finish up one round. I got up and hugged you tightly..I was so happy to see you again..I felt a happy I've never felt before and it was just an amazing feeling... I then led you to a few places of the con and we hung out with my other two friends for a while. We all sat by the lake once again to see the sun as it set. We spoke about our lives and my friends left us alone to chat. We talked for so long...Then we all played and rolled down the huge hill..We had a blast.. Then...after the sun had set and your friends came by to take you away...I grew a bit upset. I didn't want you to leave. I wanted to cry when I knew you had to go...Then you took me to a hidden part of the convention..and you gave me my first kiss. The butterflies were so immense that it hurt to stand but I loved every second of it. You gave me your number...and we haven't stopped talking and hanging out since then. Now you are mine...and we have both concluded that we are soulmates...and that makes me feel very warm inside...I'm very happy that my red thread is connected to you and I hope that I spend the rest of my life with you...I love everything about you and I want to be with you through all of the good and bad. We saved each other and we will continue to help each other...forever and always.
I love you Ichi...nn nn...Jose;. You are the greatest boyfriend, lover, and fiancé one could ever have...I feel honored and proud to be your future wife...♥

♚ My Beautiful Friends ♚

♫ You Are All Beautiful ♫

☺ I Hold You Dear To My Heart
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~Other DeviantART Family~

~Linking Family~

~SHINee Buddy~

~All hail the mighty Sarah-sama!~
totes didnt get paid to do this. nope nope


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About me - Who am I?

♚ エリカ - ♓ - ●ω● - 不幸の黒猫 ♚

oh my god gifs by funCatty

My real life birthday is on March 11th while my Persona's birthday is on April 28th. I am a girl who is 4'11" or 5'0" in height and my weight ranges between 90lbs - 100lbs. I was born in Yokohama, Japan and grew up in Yokosuka, Kanagawa, Japan. My "races" consists of Japanese and Brazilian from my mother and German, Scottish, and Comanche Indian from my father. I do not have a first language. You see, when I was born, I didn't see my dad until I was already a number of months old because he is in the navy. During the time he wasn't with me, my mother was speaking 3 languages at once to me due to the fact that she was born in Brazil (spoke Portuguese), lived in Japan (spoke Japanese), and tried to learn English because of my american father (Broken English). Because of this, I have a hard time with languages. I speak Portuguese (I understand it more than I speak it), Japanese (I speak it more than I understand it), and English (Main language but it's still messy due to my slight language barrier. I am easily frusterated and over-stressed because of the fact that my life consists mainly of trying to communicate with others so that they could understand me past my language issue. My Astrological Zodiac sign is Pisces and my Chinese Zodiac sign is the Tiger. My favorite colors are Bright Lavender, Cyan/Turquoise, and Lava/Blood Red (in this order from most favorite to still favorite but not as much). I do NOT have a religion. Technically, I am an Atheist (I do not believe in a God or a number of gods). Problem is, people say atheists tend to believe in science for the most part. As mush as I believe in science, I don't believe in ALL of it. To me, there is no possible way a HUMAN could figure out anything about the universe. It's too complicated. If anything...they seem to make too many theories. Humans need to stick to figuring out their own Earth before generalizing anything out there (kind of). I love science...I really's just that some of it is just too delusional. Let the universe do it's own need to try and label everything you possibly can. I mean humans created time and names for elements...but I don't know. It's far too complicated for me to put it in english/words. I believe in my own ideas MIXED with science so I can grasp the knowledge. Although I do not have a religion, I do respect others if they don't shove their religion in my face. I love to draw, sing, cosplay, watch youtube videos, and play video games. I currently live in San Antonio, Texas. I am extremely shy, sensitive, and self-concious. I am a Suke (Seme + Uke but MOSTLY Uke) along with being Tsundere, Kuudere, Tsunshun. My clothing style usually ranges from relaxed, to lolita, to pastel goth, to goth, to punk goth/rock. As weird as it is, I am one of those crazy anime fangirls who love too many male anime characters far too much. And lastly..Guess what? I have lived in 3 decades (90's, 00's, and 10's), 2 centuruies (1900's and 2000's), 2 milleniums (1000's and 2000's), AND I FUCKING SURVIVED 12/12/12~♫

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Retro Gamer Stamp by Sora05Nintendo Stamp by Whore-EaterPC Gamer Stamp by 3enzoGamer Stamp by FastmonPokemon Stamp by LadyQuintessenceUniverse Stamp by Kezzi-Rosethank you! stamp by piijeniusChristopher Robin Stamp by Mel-RoseyShy Stamp by StampMakerLKJI Heart Pastel by NauticalSparrowI Love Lace - Stamp by Nana-BlankPastelgoth stamp by stahmpsshooting stars stamp by kawaiicunt-stampsNorthern Lights Stamp by devils-horizonSpace Stamp by BrainmattersStamp: A Single Pencil (Challenge: Object) by apparateI Hate Stupid People by Zephyr-StampArt saves me Stamp by Mel-RoseyStamp | Dreamer by CuteSightI love when people draw my characters stamp by ReiirinQuestion Everything by skinnyveestampCivil War Stamp by Kezzi-RoseTentacle Stamp by She-SharkDark and Girly Stamp by StampMakerLKJRain Stamp by Zephyr-StampI'm Flying by Fyi-SusI'm Tired, I Tried by shadowleighAwkward by Fyi-SusI Love Fireworks Stamp by Mirz123

Consoles I gamed on OR Currently use
Avatar pixel#2 by ChokolathoszaFree - Laptop by cerebralsewerfree avatar-nes controller by kevinvandervenfree avatar-snes controller by kevinvandervenfree avatar-N64 controller by kevinvandervenfree avatar-gc controller by kevinvandervenWii Remote Icon -Free- by Monster-House-Fan92GameBoy Advance Avatar by Kezzi-Rose{ Free Icon } --  Game Boy by HardrockangelFree to use GBA SP icon -Flame- by TyphloserDS Lite Animated by Psychotic-CarpPixel - Cute DS - Play with me by BatsuchanFree to Use 3DS Icon -Cosmos Black- by Typhloser

Fave Pokemon
:heart:X/Y Lucario Cursor by mid0456Zoroark by CreepyJellyfish:heart:

Fave Starters
:star:Ivysaur by CreepyJellyfishWartortle by CreepyJellyfishCharizard by CreepyJellyfishBayleef by CreepyJellyfishMeganium by CreepyJellyfishQuilava by CreepyJellyfishTyphlosion by CreepyJellyfishSceptile by CreepyJellyfishBlaziken by CreepyJellyfishEmpoleon by CreepyJellyfishSerperior by CreepyJellyfishDewott by CreepyJellyfishSamurott by CreepyJellyfishX/Y Braixen Cursor by mid0456Chesnaught by CreepyJellyfishGreninja by CreepyJellyfish:star:

Unsure of Sexuality Stamp by sunbirdsNo Pronoun Preference by qnerdiGender Variance by skinnyveestamp"religion free" stamp by mrakorReligion Stamp by Kiza-SanAtheist Stamp by Kezzi-RoseQuestion Everything by skinnyveestamp


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